Self-Catering vs. Hotels

There are a number of advantages to utilising short let self-catering apartments in London rather than booking a hotel for the duration of your stay.  With so many hotel packages out there, it is easy to get ensnared into deals and extras that you did not necessarily want. Many people do not even consider the idea of exploring studio or self-catering flats to rent when they are travelling, yet they are becoming more and more popular amongst tourists, travelling business people and students as they offer better value for money, more flexibility and a less restrictive experience overall.


Serviced apartments are not only cheaper than hotels, but the rates may also decrease the longer you decide to stay. By utilising a serviced apartment, maid services will be a lot less frequent, and depending on the length of your stay cleaning may only need to be done before and after your occupancy. You also not tied into or pressured into eating meals at the hotel and have complete freedom on what you eat, and when. Further costs are saved as our serviced apartments do not have to provide numerous staff 24 hours a day, such as receptionists and security although we do ensure that have someone on hand to help whenever you may need it.

Flexibility and Freedom

By using a self catering apartment in London , you give yourself more freedom than you would get with a hotel room. As mentioned before, you are responsible for your own food and do not have to use expensive restaurants or hotel minibars for meals or snacks. You can go in and come out at your own convenience and can use the space for social gatherings or to entertain guests.

Hotel rooms are cleaned daily by maids and as a result you never really get the sense of having your own space. Upon returning to your apartment, you will notice that everything is exactly as you left it, because no one has entered the room at all in your absence.

Feeling More Like Home

Finally, when you are visiting a new place, you will want your accommodation to feel like home. Hotel rooms can be very comfortable but will never have the same feeling as coming back to your own space after a day’s activities. With hotels you are pretty much guaranteed the same thing wherever you are, but with a serviced London apartment you are more likely to encounter furniture and décor that is more indicative of the local area and has a more familiar and comfortable atmosphere.