Hampstead Heath

There is no shortage of green space in London and amongst the most famous is Hampstead Heath, a large park that covers almost 800 acres and contains some of the highest points in the City including Parliament Hill which offers a fantastic view of London’s skyline. Getting to the Heath from your short term accommodation in London could not be easier and after a short journey you will find yourself in this vast this city oasis.

Things to Do

There is simply no end to the activities that take place on the Heath all year round, suitable for people of all ages. There are a range of fairs throughout the year and every Saturday there is a farmer’s market that takes place on Parliament Hill.

Also on Parliament Hill is a large playground which is popular with local families and further afield are a paddling pool and a number of ponds to explore. For the adults, the vast open area serves as a great location for a leisurely walk with a number of statues and landmarks to discover along the way as well as a number of charming pubs outlining the space.

Due to the size of the Heath, you never have to stray far to find yourself a quiet spot to settle down for a picnic or sunbathing session in the summer. Everywhere you look are rolling hills, mounds and picturesque locations playing host to regular sporting events such as croquet, kite flying, swimming, horse riding and more.

So Much To Do

As our properties are located in Belsize Park, you are close to everything that this beautiful area has to offer. Whether you seek adventure and excitement or just a pleasant walk over the hills, Hampstead Heath has something for everyone. To book your short term accommodation in London  or to make an enquiry, talk to our team on +44 (0) 20 7794 6262 or fill out our enquiry form.