Hampstead Village – A History

One of London’s highest points, Hampstead Village is famous for its artistic, musical, intellectual and liberal associations as well as the nearby Heath. The local community thrives with interesting architecture which sees government protected buildings sitting alongside new luxury developments and shopping areas.

The name ‘Hampstead’ comes from the Saxon word Hamstede which means ‘homestead’. The area started off as woodland and farming land and gradually turned into a village as industry began to take hold. Through the late 18th century and into the early 19th, the area saw more development through the construction of roads and estates and started to become a fashionable area.  Hampstead Village has continued its rise to popularity over the decades and is now one of London’s most desirable and picturesque areas.

Things to do in the Village

Your accommodation will be just a stone’s throw away from this pleasant and unique area, giving you access to one of the capitals most popular areas. Hampstead’s high street is a unique London shopping experience enjoyed by residents and visitors alike with plenty of variety ranging from large brands through to specialist boutique stores.

If food is your thing, the area is home to many fine  Restaurants and cafes ranging from large eateries to small specialist kitchens serving fresh artisan menus.

Whether you seek fine food and fashion or a walk on the Heath , Hampstead Village has something for everyone. To book your short term London rental or to make an enquiry, talk to our team on +44 (0) 20 7794 6262 or fill out our enquiry form.